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jueves, 12 de febrero de 2009

Guest author - Steffen Fröhlich

Steffen Fröhlich a.k.a Citoki send me this nice variation of my Blagbert comic strip on certifications -:)




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  1. Citoki: To make the sense for this comic clear:

    If you're employed as an SAP specialist at a company (middle-class business companys), they give you a new project e.g. business workflows, XI/PI administration, BSP / WebDynpro and others. If you didn't have the skill to make it, mostly they pay you the training course. But not these shiny T-courses ;). Just a normal training. It's cheaper and you "just" get an document that says 'You took part in this training', but without any certificate!
    So if you want to apply for a new job a certificate is much better than a training-doc...

    BTW: I also heard stories like that in other countries and by other companies... what do you think?