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sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010

Future Geek Girl and Blagbert...

You might know that I'm living in Montreal, Canada right now...and I got an IPhone...3GS...lucky me -;) Anyway...I get from work and get a message from Cailin Yates with the following link...

Future Geek" spotted with Blagbert Swag

I must admit that I got so stunned when I say the pictures...this beautiful young girl wearing a Karinbert T-Shirt (Blagbert for girls) and reading the Blagbert Graphic Novel I mean...what can be more awesome to a humble author like me to see that even the youngest generation of Geeks enjoy my work...I get very emotive...I didn't cry so don't start bothering me with that -:P

Anyway...I'm going to start working on "Blagbert - The Graphic Novel part deux", so Future Geek Girl I'm going to contact your folks to make sure you get a free and autographed copy of the new book -;)