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jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010

viernes, 17 de septiembre de 2010

So long folks...

I know...I's been a long time since the last Blagbert comic...I have been busy...between family, work and SAP, there's no much time left for me...but don't worry -;) I already have 2 Blagbert comics waiting on my box...the hiatus is over -:D



miércoles, 21 de julio de 2010

Blagbert - The Graphic Novel part deux

If you have already read Blagbert - The Graphic Novel then I really hope you like it -:) I you haven't read it...well...shame on you! It's a very nice comic -;)

Anyway...I know I haven't post any post in last past months...mainly because moving to another country (Montreal, Canada) is a big thing and also because my work is very demanding as well as my family -:P but...that's no excuse, right?

So...I have some great news to announce! -:D Some of my closest friends already know this (If you are one of my closest friends and I haven't talk to you about that...sorry!) I going to start very soon working on Blagbert - The Graphic Novel part deux which will contain, more special guest, more geek jokes and more Blagness. Sure...more pages also... -:)

I can't give any more details yet as I don't want to spoil the fun...but I can assure you, this new Blagbert epic adventure is going to be even better than the first if you think the first one kinda suck...the second one is going to be readable...and if you think the first one was great...the second one is going to be amazing...and if you think the first one was the most amazing comic ever...the second...oh! never mind...not even I think that good about my comic LOL

Anyway...just wanted to share the news with you -:) See you in the next post...hope to come fast...



sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010

Future Geek Girl and Blagbert...

You might know that I'm living in Montreal, Canada right now...and I got an IPhone...3GS...lucky me -;) Anyway...I get from work and get a message from Cailin Yates with the following link...

Future Geek" spotted with Blagbert Swag

I must admit that I got so stunned when I say the pictures...this beautiful young girl wearing a Karinbert T-Shirt (Blagbert for girls) and reading the Blagbert Graphic Novel I mean...what can be more awesome to a humble author like me to see that even the youngest generation of Geeks enjoy my work...I get very emotive...I didn't cry so don't start bothering me with that -:P

Anyway...I'm going to start working on "Blagbert - The Graphic Novel part deux", so Future Geek Girl I'm going to contact your folks to make sure you get a free and autographed copy of the new book -;)